RT Series Reflow oven with 8-10-12 heating zones



  • Combination pin chain and mesh belt conveyors (standard)
  • Motorized width adjust (optional: PC control width adjustment)
  • 3 independent cooling zone with up and down (standard)
  • Full updated thermal transfer and preservation technology to reduce power consumption
  • Full new Flux collection system (Standard)
  • Windows 7. Operator interface
  • Smema communication
  • Light tower
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Guaranteed Lead Free process ready
  • 300ºC high temperature processing capabilities
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Automatic edge rail lubrication system
  • Board counter
  • Board drop detection
  • Dual lane conveyor with independent speed control (optional)
  • Dual lane with dual center support system (optional)
  • Full nitrogen system (optional)
Model RT-0803 RT-1003 RT-1203
Machine dimensions (L*W*H) mm 5581*1400*1522 6372*1400*1522 7187*1400*1522
Standard color Ivory white Ivory white Ivory white
Numbers of heating zone 8 zone (top and bottom) 10 zone (top and bottom) 12 zone (top and bottom)
Lengths of heating zone 3124mm 3894mm 4709mm
Numbers of cooling zone   3 zone (top and bottom)  
Nozzle plate Aluminum plate
Exhaust volume 10 m3/ min*2
Flux collection system Standard configuration


Control system
Power supply 3 Phase, 400V 50/60 Hz
Total power 52KW 64KW 80KW 92KW
Startup power 26KW 28KW 34KW 38KW
Normal power consumption 6KW 7KW 8KW 9KW
Warming time Approx. 30 min
Temperature setting range Room temperature to 300°C
Temperature control method PID Close loop control + SSR driving
Temperature control precision +/- 1°C
Temperature deviation on PCB +/- 1.5°C
Cooling method Forced air cooling (Optional: Water-chiller)
Data storage Process data and status storage (80GB)
Abnormal alarm Temperature abnormal alarm
Board dropped alarm

Standard (Tower light and Buzzer)


Conveyor system
Rails structure subjection integrated type
chain structure singled buckle (optional: Double buckle)
Max.PCB width 50 mm to 400 mm (single lane,optional: 50 mm,610 mm)
Components clearance Top/ bottom clearance of boards: 25 mm
Conveyor direction L to R/ (Optional: R to L)
Fixed rail side Front rail Fixed
Conveyor speed range 300 – 20000 mm/min
Conveyor heights 900 mm+/-20 mm
Conveyor method Chain + mesh as standard (optional: Chain+ center support system)
Chain Lubrication Automatic (standard)


Optional configuration
Full nitrogen system Nitrogen hermetic configuration, nitrogen flow meter, water chiller, oxygen analyzer
(PPM control: 300-1000PPM, 18—20m³/hr, single lane oven)
Center support system Unique retractable, special parking position with Maximum flexible
Water chiller cooling Optional
Dual lane conveyor Conveyor width: Min.50 mm*50 mm in each lane, Max.300 mm * 300 mm in each lane,
Rail 1and Rail 4 are fixed, Rail 2 and Rail 3 are adjustable
Dual lane dual speed Independent conveyor speed in each lane
Dual lane dual center support system Independent conveyor speed of chain and center support system in each lane


RT reflow soldering systems assure an optimum of process stability by innovative technology and are equipped with the following advantages:

Special process chamber system for optimal temperature uniformity.

Independent air velocity controlling system allows flexible process control to easy handle complicated lead free soldering requirements.

Efficient power design and heat management system greatly improves energy savings while lowering carbon emissions.

Multi-stage condensate filter at the cooling zone for efficient cleaning.

Excellent thermal convection system

Efficient power design and heat management system greatly improves energy savings while lowering carbon emissions.

  • Power savings of 15 to 20%, due to large aluminum alloy heat plates.
  • Double isolation around the body prevents heat loss
  • Short warm-up time
  • Low power consumption: 9 Kw to 10.5 kW (8 zones), 10 to 12.5 kW (10 zones)
  • New and improved highly effective exhaust design with piping in each zone to extract flux.

The cooling configuration recycles the filtered air or N2 back to the oven chamber reducing thermal loss while getting better flux reclamation.

  • Two powerful fans force recirculated cooled air into the cooling zone
  • Total cooling length: 800 mm (31.5”)
  • Filtration system is easily accessible for quick mainte-nance and Easy access to cooling panels for quick maintenance.

Provide Maximum heat capacity to rapidly reach temperature setting points at low rates of power consumption within a short
period of time. The special process champers de-sign makes the air convection uniformly and temperature profile changeovereasily.

Profile spikes per zone is eliminated with better zone segregation and decrease cross flow. The nozzle plate design allow to cover the boards with hot air in all direction for good uniformity.

In a reflow oven, the efficiency of the heat transfer has a primary effect on all aspects of quality. Productivity and running costs which directly influence profitability. Our heat transfer guarantee a minimum ΔT which translates into maximum profile flexibility.

Our heater generate the desired temperature faster than any other reflow heat source and respond in less than half a second to temperature change of less than 0.1°C thus maintaining the highest level of temperature repeatability.

Due to our secure transport system you receive a stabile process while reducing maintenance expenses and machine downtime. The standard conveyor system is equipped with mesh and chain rail which ensure the repeatability for 24/7 3 shift production.

Maintains rail width distance at high temperature environment with only +/- 1.0mm to keep the boards transportation stable and avoid board dropped and misalignment.

With dual lane, production becomes simpler and faster with top and bottom run in a single oven.

Provides more production space, less assets and operational cost saving.

Independent motor per lane to control the speed possibly to run different kinds of PCBs simultaneously with different temperature profile.



  • INTEON has a tradition of providing quality equipment and excellent service support
  • Best in the industry warranty – 2 years full warranty and 5 years for the heaters and blowers systems
  • Lifetime free software upgrades
  • Lifetime free training at customer location
  • More standard features than any other oven available in the market



Cooling zone is achieved with 3 top and bottom zones allowing adjustable convection speed for desired cooling slope.

Water chiller cooling system is optional.

The fans in the individual zones, which can be controlled separately as an option, allow for accu-rate control, and cooling gradients can be corre-spondingly influenced. This assures stress-free cooling for your PCBs, for lead-free soldering as well.



Assembled with Know branded parts: Lenovo PC, SIEMENS PLC, AB American con-troller, Schneider switch, Panasonic motor, Carlo Gavazzi relay, etc.

All the electrical system totally match the European quality standard and other international safety standard.



Provides profile monitoring solutions with per product per line, per board etc.

Built-in KIC integrated real–time monitoring (Optional).


Configuration example: