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Environmental Chambers from INTEON

INTEON Corporation offers a variety of environmental test chambers, including temperature and humidity chambers, xenon arc accelerated weathering testers, UV resistance testers, sand and dust chambers, and more. These products are designed for middle to high volume production, ensuring high quality and performance. Additionally, INTEON provides a 3-year warranty and the possibility for custom-made solutions to meet specific testing requirements.


  1. Temperature and Humidity Test Chambers: For controlling and testing specific environmental conditions.
  2. Xenon Arc Accelerated Weathering Testers: Simulate the effects of sunlight.
  3. UV Weathering Resistance Testers: Test material resistance to UV light.
  4. IP5X/IP6X Sand and Dust Test Chambers: For dust resistance testing.
  5. IPx1-IPx4 Dripping and Spraying Test Chambers: For water resistance testing.
  6. IPx9K High Pressure Water Jet Test Chambers: For high-pressure water testing.
  7. Benchtop Temperature Humidity Chambers: Compact units for smaller testing needs.
  8. 2-Zone Thermal Shock Test Chambers: Test material durability under rapid temperature changes.
  9. Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chambers: For corrosion resistance testing.

For detailed specifications, visit INTEON Test Chambers.