PCB Cleaning Machine (Contactless)


The PCB Cleaning Machine (Contactless) is used to remove the dust and particle on PCB by Ionizing Air Blower

Machines with Hermes protocol to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0



  • PLC and touch screen control system
  • Contactless PCB cleaning
  • Keyence ionizing air blower is used to remove static electricity quickly
  • External dust collector has a strong ability of removing dirt
  • Electrostatic detection function
  • Counter function and NC speed display function
  • Width adjusting device for stable balance (Manual control screw adjustment)
  • A relatively small floor area
  • SMEMA compatible interface
  • Automatic width adjustment option.
  • FOLLOW ME system compatible
Model PCC-460W-CT
Effective PCB Size (100 x 50) - ( 535 x 460) mm
PCB Thickness 0.4 - 5mm
Number of Air Bars 2 pcs
Number of Dust Collectors 1 pcs
Power Source AC 110/220V ±10V, 50/60HZ
Air Pressure & Consumption 6 – 8 bar
Conveyor Height & Direction 900 ±20mm (or specify) & L - R / R - L(Option)
Dimension 780x1000x1450mm
Weight 360kg