IE-6800BGA Automatic Rework Station

Full Automatic BGA Rework Station with air and nitrogen connection. Expanded mechanic lets you set the machine with the precision and accuracy as any other model perfect for difficult and challenging work. 



  • Soldering takes place under the strictly defined conditions. Both sections of hot air gives the ability to configure up to ten steps per profile. Each step consists of growth, value, and maintaining the temperature for each step.
  • Three independent heating areas, where the first and second one are a hot-air, and the third one are the quartz heater. By execution of the carbon fiber on the heater, it provide a fast and even heating of board, over a large area by reducing a pressure and temperature required for proper soldering of an element.
  • Station was equipped with an air distribution system from the tank under pressure. This solution allows you to connect the station to the nitrogen cylinder, which gives a better results by minimizing a contamination of the solder, effect of the surface tension and voiding.
  • Split Vision System with high magnification, adjustable freely in the XY plane allows a precise positioning of mounted components on the board, using a prism system of integrated optics. This allows us to preview the bottom of the system and its position, relative to the board. In conjunction with micrometer position control board gives the accuracy, unattainable by the manual setting.
  • The upper module, which consists of hot air flow and vacuum gripper is controlled electronically by servomechanism, made by Panasonic. After launch, it lowers and raise by a predetermined amount. In desoldering mode, suction runs at the end of the process, automatically lifting the system and lowering a head back to the programmed amount. The built-in pressure sensor protects the PCB board from damage.
  • Device includes a touch screen and microprocessor control of soldering process. Monitor shows a three temperature graphs, giving a view on actual values, there’s a possibility of analyzing its process after it has finished, even on PC, by connecting via USB port.




Model IE-6800 BGA Specification
Total Power Max 6800W
Power AC 230 V ±10 % 50/60 Hz
Top heating Hot air of 800W
Bottom heating Hot air of 800W, IR heater composed of carbon fiber 5000W
Product dimensions 890×790×1000 mm
Preheater size 360×335 mm
PCB dimensions Max 470×550mm, Min 15×20 mm
Temperature control 4× thermocouple K type with precision of ±2°
Electronics Servo control system (Panasonic), touch screen, PLC driver (Panasonic)
Positioning system Split Vision System with enlargement from 10 to 100×, analogue lighting control and PCB positioning
Auxiliary tool Servo control system, LED lamp, laser pointer
Weight netto 140 kg
Extensions System for a soldering in a coverage of nitrogen
  • 4 nozzles of upper module (28˜×28, 31×31, 38×38, 41×41mm), 6 handles for PCB boards, set of suction cups, 4× external thermocouple, auxiliary temperature sensors, auxiliary heating elements (2×hotair, 1×IR), operating manual