IE-6200BGA/LED Rework Station


Suitable for LED lamp beads repairing, size of micro LED components not less than 0.6*0.6mm can be repaired.
Suitable for LED lamp beads of tape packaging and bulk materials, Also any BGA and components which are difficult to repair.
High solution optical alignment system, accurate LED components positioning, ensure precise mounting .
Optical alignment is controlled electrically, can rotate automatically.
Mounting head built-in pressure testing device, to protect the PCB.
Built-in infrared laser positioning, fast positioning for PCB.
Adopt HIWIN precision guide rail for up and down movement system, ensure reliable and accurate running.
Adopt up and down alignment for top and bottom heater, heating for appointed local zone, prevents PCB to turn yellow.


Bottom heater up and down manually can adjust the heating height real time.
Adopt ceramics infrared radiator for IR heater, heating stably and uniformly with long serves life.
Human-machine interface has multiple operation mode and permission, soldering, desoldering and mounting manually, easy operation.
High resolution touch screen, which is up to 800*600 pixels.
Adopt joystick control for alignment system, no need setting complicated parameters.
Adopt Delta double ball bearing flow fan for air supply no need external air source.
Adopt DCCE 6 channel module for temperature control system, automatic PID adjustment.
Monitoring heaters real time, when accident happens, relevant sensors will send signal to PLC which will close output channel and display fault condition. Protect it self automatically.
Adopted 12” HD monitor


After finish desoldering and soldering, there is alarming, when temperature goes out of control, the circuit
will automatically power off, it is of double excess temperature protection function. Temperature parameter
has a password to avoid arbitrary changes , with superior safe protection functions, can protect PCB, components
and the machine from damage at any abnormal situation.


with optical alignment system and clear images, components can enlarge up to Maximum 230 times,
mounting accuracy within +/-0.01mm, with a beam split, zoom in, zoom out and micro-adjust functions,
adopted 12” HD monitor.


IE-6200BGA is available heating portion of the PCB board by hot-air circulate both from top and bottom
at the same time. With large IR bottom heating, it can completely avoid PCB deformation during reworking
period, you can use software to choose freely or use top heater or bottom heater departly, and combine
freely with top and bottom heater’s capacity,to make it easies for rework double BGA, CCGA, QFN, CSP, LGA,
SMD etc. External sensor socket is precise detected temperature to analyze and proof on actual


With touch screen interface, k-type thermocouple, close-loop control, and Intelligent
temperature compensation with automatically system, integrated design of
top heater and sucker point. It can auto identify a high degree of suction and
mounting with automatic soldering and d soldering functions. the temperature can
be set to 6 segment and 6 segment constant temperature control, N groups of
storage temperature setting parameters according to kinds of BGA chip set.




Model IE-6200 BGA LED Specification
Total Power Max 5300W
Power AC 230 V ±10 % 50/60 Hz
Top heater power 1200W (1st heater)
Bottom heater power 1200W (2nd heater)
3rd IR heater 2700W (independent controlling left and right IR heaters)
Hot air temperature 400°C (Max)
Preheating temperature 400°C (Max)
Power supply AC230V±10% 50/60Hz
Dimensions L640 × W630 × H900mm
Preheating size 370mm ×270mm
Positioning V-groove,PCB support +laser positioning+universal fixture
Temperature control K-type thermocouple (Closed Loop)
Chip type BGA, QGN, CSP, POP, QFN, Micro SMD, LED lamp beads
Available BGA chip 2x2 ~ 80x80mm
PCB size Maximum: 410 x 370mm, Minimum: 65 x 65mm
Electrical materials High precision temperature control system
External Temperature sensor 1 piece
Weight 70 kg
Package Wooden Box