CUSTOMIZED CABINET - DRY1436A-6S with auto double side mirror stainless steel

Techical features


  • LED display panels, Honeywell humidity sensor with error of ±3%RH
  • High grade 1mm and 1.2mm stainless steel, reinforced structure design,high intensity bearing, every
    shelf can bear over 60kg
  • 3.2mm toughened glass
  • Zinc alloy lock with air tightness
  • ROHS certified surface painting with Dupont powder
  • Power supply: AC power 85V~265V 50/60Hz
  • ESD safe high intensity truckles of which two in front are brakable
  • Cool looking of Dark green surface (anti-ESD) or White (non-ESD protection) for Customer’s options
  • Designed as per IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B; CE certified


Options for customer’s special demands


  • Data logging system by USB connection with computer for data reading and printing
  • Code lock for safety
  • Alarm system with light tower
  • Heating system up to 40°C for low temperature baking
  • High flow air injection system
  • Independent segregated compartments
  • Stainless steel cabinet




Middle humidity dry cabinet with 1436L capacity for materials which are sensitive to humidity,such as camera,
lens,tapes,CD,stamps,half guild slide,samples,fifter, charger,etc.



Storage capacity 1436 Litres
Shelf Quantity
Outer dimensions W1200*D710*H1910mm
Inner dimensions W1198*D682*H1723mm
Humidity 20-60%RH