DRAWER DRY CABINETS - Dry118 Series Dry Cabinet




  • Suitable for office of information technology, electronics, research and development, ISO documentation centers, etc, for damp-proof storage of office items.
  • Used for Network, Imaging disks, CD-ROM, microform, soundrecording and other information. 
  • Specially used for CD, MO, disk, software, slides, video tapes,professional paper, special artwork and photographic equipment. 
  • Drawers with ball track , each drawer can load over 50kg. 
  • Standard adjustable support and universal removable casters.



SPEC Controlled Humidity
Average Power
Maximum Power
Anti-ESD Function
DRY118A 20%~60% 18 126 N
DRY118B 10%~20% 18 126 N
DRY118C 1%~10% 20 140 N
DRY118EA 20%~60% 18 126 Y
DRY118EB 10%~20% 18 126 Y
DRY118EC 1%~10% 20 140 Y

Outer dimension:W448*D400*H658mm