INTEON IE-6200BGA/LED - BGA Rework station

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INTEON IE-6200BGA/LED - BGA Rework station

- 3 independent heating system

IE-6200BGA/LED is available heating portion of the PCB board by hot-air circulate both from top and
bottom at the same time. With large IR bottom heating, it can completely avoid PCB deformation during reworking period, you can use software to choose freely or use top heater or bottom heater departly, and combine freely with top and bottom heater’s capacity,to make it easies for rework double BGA, LED, CCGA, QFN, CSP, LGA, SMD etc. External sensor socket is precise detected temperature to analyze and proof on actual temperature curve of BGA at the same time.


- Precise optical alignment system

With optical alignment system and clear images, components can enlarge up to Maximum 230 times, mounting accuracy within +/-0.01mm, with a beam split, zoom in, zoom out and micro-adjust functions, adopted 12” HD monitor.


- Multi-function operation system

With touch screen interface, k-type thermocouple, close-loop control, and Intelligent temperature compensation with automatically system, integrated design of top heater and sucker point it can auto identify a high degree of suction and mounting with automatic soldering and desoldering functions. the temperature can be set to 6 segment and 6 segment constant temperature control, N groups of storage temperature setting parameters according to kinds of BGA chip set.


- Superior safety functions

After finish desoldering and soldering, there is alarming, when temperature goes out of control, the circuit will automatically power off, it is of double excess temperature protection function. Temperature parameter has a password to avoid arbitrary changes , with superior safe protection functions, can protect PCB, components and the machine from damage at any abnormal situation.