PCB Traverser


The PCB Traverser is used for transporting boards from one line into two lines or vice versa.
The orientation of the board is not changed during traversing.


  • Servo motor, Omron PLC control system, touch screen operation.
  • Width adjustment by hand crank. Electrical width adjustment by switch available on request.
  • By pass mode selectable.
  • Traversing length specified.
  • SMEMA compliant.
  • CE certified
  • Safety cover is standard for CE conveyors


Model IE-CT-350L-SC IE-CT-460A-SC
Power Supply AC 110/220V ±10V, 50/60HZ
Air Supply 5kgf/cm2
PCB Width 50 - 350mm 50 - 460mm
Traversing Length
Traversing Length specified
Transfer Height 900 ±20mm
PCB Direction left to right or right to left(option)
Machine Size according to traversing length