M Series Reflow Oven - for low buget

6 or 8 zones Reflow Oven with PC and Rail



The unique advanced long life heating system

  • The heating system adopt the Swedish nickel heater with efficiency and energy-saving. The peak

wave length of the radiation power is 4UM with curved surface reflector to the rising temperature
speed, improve the thermal efficiency. And the special forced-air circulation system make PCB and the
component heated uniform and eliminate the "shadow effect" completely .

  • Using special high temperature resistant protection system in heating preservation system and

special iron in furnace .

  • Using imported Taiwan SanYue long axis of high temperature fan motor and W shaped heat pipe,

Model design, no noise, shockless and easy for maintenance .

  • Whole oven are porous aluminum transfer the hot air to guarantee the hot air evenly to the PCB .the

whole top oven fixtures can open completely so that easy to clean the oven inside

Smooth and reliable transmission system


  • The transmission system use STK adjustable speed motor imported from Taiwan matched with the

1:150 turbine reducer can running smooth ,speed range can be arrived at 0-1500mm/min.

  • Independent wheel structure support and match stainless belt to make the running smoothly and

the speed precision is up to ±20 mm/min .

  • Special stainless belt: durable and wear-resistant, not easy to deform and long life.

Stable and reliable electrical control system


  • It adopts imported thermostat control which owns fuzzy control and PID intelligent precision control

system.It can fast response the changes in external heat and ensure more temperature balanced by
PID intelligent operation and automatic control heating .

  • Using thermocouple imported from Taiwan by each temperature zone, it can fast and sensitive

induct the changes in each temperature zone, transfer and control timely, compensate the
temperature balance in each zone .

  • Special SSR solid state relay matched with dedicated radiator improve the heat efficiency greatly

and prolong the lifetime effectively. No contact output and fuzzy control function by thermostat, can
monitoring the changes of outside temperature and calorific value, controlling the heating device by
minimum pulse, ensuring the high precision of the temperature control & the uniform temperature in
internal and the length ,direction, temperature distribution, all of these meet IPC standards .

  • Power is abundant, heat up fast, it’s only need 20 minutes from room temperature to constant


  • Failure diagnosis and sound light alarm.
  • Delay shutdown production function, uniform cooling after the shutdown: prevent component